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Nothing but the Essentials
Don’t want to pay for something you don’t need?
This package is just the essentials to get your store started.

Primary Logo

Secondary Logo

Color Palette

Typography Direction


Social Media

The Nano-fluencer

4 content templates
4 story posts
3 highlight covers
Includes creative direction and 2 revisions


Graphic Design

It's Stationery Kit (Design Only)
You already have your logo designed, but you need stationery for your business
to complete your professional look! This package is for you.
If you need a logo design and want this kit, please look into our branding kits!

Includes the following:
Business Cards
Thank You Cards


Trust the Process


Inquiry & Booking

Once you submit your inquiry form, we will contact you to arrange an introductory call to discuss the details of your project and schedule you in our calendar.


Discovery & Strategy

After engaging in the initial call, creative direction takes the stage. 
I will create a presentation containing a mood board with all images that align with your brand. This will allow for easier digestion of the concept. At this phase, we aim to establish an unmistakable identity for your brand.


Design Development

In this stage, we aim to combine stunning visuals with the necessary elements to achieve the desired business results and meet the customers’ unique needs.


Making Revisions

After reviewing the designs generated in the design process, we will determine which concept best meets the desired vision for your project and make the necessary tweaks to ensure the final deliverable satisfies all requirements.


Wrapping Things Up

Upon concluding the 
off-boarding process, all documentation, and associated files will be properly organized and delivered to you. You are now ready to begin your brand launch.

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